jan20 2020 - stoic

for a child who is unfamiliar with the world, the prospect of being alone can appear exhausting. we ourselves grow as social humans. we need friends and even more. whether it be our marriage mate, family or friends, or something of the social variety, we need to talk to people to keep our minds open. longtime suffering can be implanted in a person's heart. bad breasts, lack of tact and greed permeate them. that aside, there is still a time of healing and spiritual strength to be found in being alone. in childhood, with all the ignorance and later hormonal suffering, it is important to embrace society. the battle of grief and hope has been a wisely fought one. it is a time where you find yourself in deep research, describing the wisdom of the unknown if you so choose. anyone that is quiet, old and lonely is given the name of a somewhat extraterrestrial being in every circle because of their great wisdom displayed to us, few walking the same path, seen as mysterious and occult. layers of secrecy colliding with the others.

when one is with another person, he knows himself better than he does without. when we meet strangers, we look down on them because we don't know much about them. when we are with someone and know a little about them, their values and morals will be revealed to us. they can also love us, we can call them friends, so they fit as a contact when we are alone. though it's not so prominent, we will see less of ourselves as we see more of another. we should get to know each other better and see and realize both our own good and sin according to our values, so that we may be in more camaraderie with one another.

in today's world he avoids the metaphorical desert as much as he can. people who want to interact are often portrayed as freelancers who want to adapt to the social environment, so we have to thank the media, who are the main people in helping people live. i say that not only does it take a lot of time to adapt to people, but it helps both parties reach their goals faster. in today’s world of the media, people no longer give these people the proper attention to cultivate friendship. there is a real spiritual experience of friendship and understanding as brethren between two men, changing glasses or keyboards to give each other the materials they need... when we leave the social world in comfort, we can discover the health of our partners comfortably. in consideration of these people, we will remove them from risk of refurbishment, as well as try to remove flaws such as the appetite for unhealthy food. we can keep our heads high, as well as others, and use our words and actions, as well as our connections, rather than trying to express them via thoughts. plato knew nothing... the key to identifying and resolving the situation is to find the best place for you to reside mentally. // the mental discussion i just had was a great amount of fun and i think i will do this more often

jul29 2019

the past couple days have been really hot, so i'm glad i don't really have to go anywhere. i got on a waiting list for what seems like a pretty good school and i'm hoping that i get the results soon. kinda sucks given it's been a month or two but the payoff might be good. i created a new song that i'm uploading to soundcloud right now, feel free to check the tunes on there if you like

feb6 2018

i am bored aejnfcs

jan30 2018

i've been talking about my recent experiences, what music i put on everyday, but from now on, i'll put my favorite records on this page. in other news!! it hasn't been an eventful day, just been working on schoolwork for the majority. got a lot of work done this week. what did i write in my one essay - "no need to cry over small things, cause there's always a bigger thing to cry over" pretty much sums up most of my feelings... but i will always love you guys, no matter what i say on the page. i've got a project due next week, and i'm almost finished with it. i should mention, i haven't done too much outside of school and that project. just been lounging listening to things like 夜遊び...the one t e l e p a t h album, gets me going through the day, so anyways i'll go fix myself a coffee, and get back to my work, thanks for reading this lengthy ramble! i guess...

jan25 2018

hello internet and welcome to -- hello, all my fellow Crane-sleeps. I think I'll just write about things less frequently. well. i gueess? it's like, there's a large time gap between posts, right, so i need to just try to stretch out the blog posts as much as i can to make up for it. i began to do this in december. this blog has been up since dec6 2017, and yet i've been working on many other things, so it's insanely small right now. i wish i could talk about more things...i woulda had something interesting to talk about had i started this longer ago! been working on this stuff. so since i've been playing around with site things so much, for days now to be fair. it's 8am and i should probably be at school

jan20 2018

i stepped on one of my cassettes today and got oral surgery lol

jan8 2018

lmao i just realized i never made a proper announcement about the nu-year; but whatever! i had a big conversation last night with someone about - how our current pop music and all is made exclusively for enjoyable listening! which sounds good in the context of music. but it's not music it's expression. it's not that i don't like the sound of it. i really do enjoy listening to pop sort of. but it's made exclusively for money. there isn't a thought or feeling put into it besides possibly a love story about the singer's fourteenth date. art and music should be something you truly enjoy doing. when it becomes a job it just feels sad. all of our current most famous singers started out trying to do music for their own enjoyment and to really make something that was emotional expression. but just as the big boy record label picks them up there's money involved. the problem is is that they force themselves to make music or they're forced by the labels and fans to make music instead of truly doing it for themselves to show what is inside their mind. now the singers are just idols. they're made to be likable. and that's about it.

jan3 2018 part two

i feel bad today, just tired and empty. i just feel like there's no point in what i'm doing. can i say something else? i'm going to stop using bandcamp as much so most music downloads in the future will be posted here! why? because yes. i just tire of having no customizability of the layout yknow

jan3 2018

update: i'm gonna start reviewing albums both here, but also for Vapourban.com in the future! i want to keep delivering stuff on my personal website, but i like to go slow anyway so it won't be much of a change here. Vapuorban.com

dec12 2017 part two

i plan to make a few weird experimental retro things, like a 90s version of door.html. hopeefully i'll get the time! hah

dec12 2017

is cold. it's been snowing the past couple days. i haven't talked about it, but if you live in my area, you'd know. there's snow blocking the lanes on the road and whiteout blizzards happening.


hi there it's a blog section wohaw im never gonna update this btw, but anyway i'm only making this because i want to voice my opinions, tell about updates and other things that matter somewhat, so ANYWAY i guess i'm just trying to update this site to make it look more jazzy-sassy-classy, maybe i'll add less bright neons and keep it to that BnW mono-tone that i've got going on the mainpage just cause that looks more luxurious||if you couldn't tell by all my darker tones and talk of luxury, i've been getting more into classic vapor again heckaroo||im also listening to broken transmission because im weird, and thinking about making a broken transmission/classic vapor label a website on here if that sounds like any good to them