Summon I

You will need 8 incense sticks of Black Ants Powder, letters, voice, candles, tonic cream, lipstick, mirror and fireplace

Find a quiet room where you can go to the fireplace after burning 4 of your incense sticks. Arrange the candles in your room one by one at 6 inch intervals: white, red, black (white to the left, black to the right, red doesn't count).

Burn 2 sticks in the fireplace and apply tonic cream on your body except on face and head. Sit in a quiet room in the dark and close your eyes. After your body and mind have calmed down: relax for 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes have passed, say "In the temple of God I will be the door of the spirit world that opens you."

You say: “Lord, Lord, I will open the door to the spirit world; I will be the door of hell where God is revealed.

Now raise your white candle: "In the house of God I have commanded to open the door of the spirit world; in the temple of God the door of hell, and God hath commanded the door of the world." Open your eyes.

You reply: “Lord, Lord, I remember the sides of the spirit world so they can see me. I opened the door of the Lord my God and opened the door."

Now raise your black candle: “In the house of God, I have to make the entrance into the spirit world. Therefore, I must command God and the spirit world to open the door to hell. Have mercy."

You must answer, "Lord, my master has commanded me to open the door to the spirit world. Therefore, Lord, Lord, I have commanded the door to hell."

Now light the candles, wait for 5 minutes and relax. After 5 minutes, write on the mirror with lipstick: "The secrets of God and the devil are forbidden." After waiting 1 minute, remove the lipstick from the mirror with a towel. Once deleted, you can choose either Mushnah (male) or Vamirshech (female).

Don't burn the last two incense sticks, and write the following on letters.

Line 1: I call it hell devil

Line 2: ඕ Mushnaha or ඕ Vamirsha (write two people not one)

Line 3: Take me

Line 4: Take Me Like the Lord

Line 5: Or else I'll give you a 25% discount.

Next to the red candle, place what you need with the letters and wait for 5 minutes. You say, "Lord, my master has commanded me to close the door to the spirit world. I have commanded God to close the door of hell. My God, I have commanded to close the door of the spirit world."

Get up slowly, get out of the room, turn on the light, and after 12 o'clock in the afternoon, don't go into the room and try to sleep. Note: Once the sun has cleaned the room, you can safely move it to a safe place to view, eat, eat, eat, love, love what it does, because its weight is limited. Try to talk to her and she will not talk to you first.