I'll put the downloads here, all mp3s. Maybe I'll put up some wavs too, you can just comment on the site if you want me to convert them. Thanx for taking interest in my work ^^

plastic forestation - a 25 minute long mix played on the youtube channel Vapor Memory's VAPOUREALM LIVE. put up for download, and uploaded to youtube by myke420247! they've also put up all of my other mixes, you can check 'em out there.

Lappy 486 (old download broken, link takes you to the bandcamp)

11-29-42 Utenlandsk muzak - under the name Muzik orkesteret. one of these tracks is literally just slowed down and reverbed jazz.

Plaza of Panarcadia - really wanted to put this out under a name like "Hidden翅膀" (which means Hidden Wing) because I was inspired by a video of the Century III Mall's secret dead wing. but i didnt. this is the sound of old midi music, made with fake saxophones and reverbed drums and even some ambient atmosphere on songs such as AetherCheckout. i tried to make it lo-fi but it failed for the most part.

undertouch demo - nothing more than a demo that i recorded to send out to labels as a taste test of the undertouch sound.