The Future We Created / I Hope You Find Peace Within You - VMII

ft. claudia

(s = synod, c = claudia, copied from a discord chatlog) - s: i'm already sick of inner universe. c: am 12 minutes in | [after the 15 minute behemoth inner universe] c: just checked bandcamp search. 28 tracks, 168 minutes oh boy. s: yahoo almost 3 hours, if i can withstand DERELICT (dds.wmv) I can withstand this. c: derelict at least used the time sparingly. mostly short tracks. s: yeah, it was more like a long mixtape rather than one droning track split up into parts. [track 3] c: anotherr ambient track. this one definitely sounds like slowed down vgm. s: in ost-0 (another album on the bandcamp) it has a link to download a game. did you try that out? c: that's an actual game. 3.7GB s: woa, i don't trust it enough to download it just yet but i might just check it out some time. to the music, it literally says its slowed down warped vgm. c: pretty sure inner universe (the opener) is just this song chopped and screwed for 15 minutes. [track 4] c: more slowed down vgm except this one sounds good. see there's always been something mystifying about inner universe to me that i've never gotten past it. s: the original song? c: nah, the edit. s: i mean it definitely sounds "magical" in a sense but it's nothing much. i guess its length contributes to it, keeping you in a trance and then when it ends its just like a shot back to reality. so you just want it to keep going. c: it just felt and sounded.. weird i dont know [track 5] c: more slowed down vgm. another inner-universe type of deal. s: i like the vocal parts but the rest just feels empty. c: i really do not know what to think of this record. s: nor i, it's just it sounds good, but it's just, i don't know. [track 6] s: is just some elevator music with a jittery beat. it keeps panning around haphazardly. c: yeah it's just slowed down vgm again. s: the way its edited just hurts. c: the glitches are cool i guess, but it doesn't work. s: yea, exponential highway is probably the same thing. c: that's 9 minutes. got to the three minute mark in and jesus. s: it just keeps cutting to a different part of the song every second. there's nothing just holding them together. [track 7 i think aA] s: just some synth ambience with a slowed down garage beat, maybe. with no warning these high pitched dog whistle tones just came in. i mean, exponential highway has some pretty good glitches that i enjoy, though. c: i suppose this thing isn't the worst album i have ever heard. it just feels so... wrong s: exponential highway is more tolerable cause it has these neat garage-ambient synths. i dunno how much is original and how much isn't. c: this one has some glitch. exponential highway has been the most tolerable track on the thing so far in my honest opinion. the synth dissonance is fucking with me. s: not gonna lie i kinda like that part. c: it's pretty good honestly.[track 8 ????] s: d e s i r e. im a minute in and it has all been the same looping beat with a slowed down vocal, they're not even real vocal segments? its just a loop of someone going "oooh". c: the loop switched up a bit at 1:49 i guess. the previous loop was better. s: yeah but its mostly the same stuff, same sound i mean. c: now some kinda drop. well. sorta. s: there's something about it that feels basic. c: d e s i r e doesn't sound awful. man these cuts are fucking annoying. s: it starts doing that thing again. bit less frantic cause the cut lasts longer than a single second. still tho.. c: the only way to do that is by is a single part with microcutting split seconds. then resume the song again. [track 9] s: i'm pretty sure if i played video games i could tell what the Jetbike Shop sample is. c: the fucking flanger [track 10] s: it's decent. some drums with delay and a minimal synth melody. there's a weird noise that sounds like mechanical crickets chirping that keeps coming in and its annoying but i can live with it i guess. c: doesn't sound too bad. [track 11] s: REALITY_RESTORE_ERROR is just like d e s i r e, in the way that it is just a looping vocal hum. slowed down beyond comprehension. c: it's just . annoying. s: yeah there was almost no need for it to exist. [track 12] s: Fate has a slowed down choir with a cello, i think. why is it five minutes though, it's just bad? c: Fate doesn't sound choral at all. or does it? it's so vague. s: i, for some reason, call multiple voices singing a choir. probably the outstanding delay and reverb. c: it's not the worst but it's lowkey boring. [track 13] c: Fate is finally over with. well, now we got some slowed down rnb or something. s: it's your typical slowed down rnb affair. but, it's offkey moreso than vapor music should be. c: this is so...boring to me. i dont know why. s: i know, it's because we've heard it all before. [track 14] s: would i be tainting the name if i said this had vague boards of canada-ish tones? c: well, it does. [track 15] c: the panning...... s: it's not good. c: this panning is fucking with me. s: this goes on for the whole track by the way. c: please put the panning under the phaser not above the phaser. this is torture. s: i can't believe i'm actually listening to this whole thing. [track 16] c: this sounds nice so far. this ain't bad. s: it gets tiring because it's the same thing for seven minutes. c: ah jeez. s: not in a looping sense. just in that it's, the same general song sound. maybe i'm just a natural-born pessimist. c: it doesn't sound that bad but i guess i can see where you're coming from. s: yeah it doesn't sound bad, nor annoying. it just gets kinda boring. c: i guess it's just . inoffensive. it's just . there. it's not bad by any means but it's just . whatever. [track 17] s: 17 is basically a loop that adds a melody at some point. it's lower than the drums and guitar frets but it's there. c: it's just . weird. s: another track where there wasn't a reason for it. it doesn't help the album by any means, but it's not dragging it down either. c: hope we don't get another "FUCK THIS SHIT" but it's bound to happen. s: i don't like how the tracks get the classic slowdown-delay treatment towards the end. not like how they've been the rest of it, but more like how they slowdown more and get more reverb/delay towards the end. c: yeah, that's a cliche. it could've been good realistically. but it just doesn't work. [track 18] s: underground laboratory should be named "t e l e p a t h with a beat". c: most of this album so far has been bootleg t e l e p a t h. s: yeah but this is the most reminding of him. i don't know why, but there's something about the phaser. c: yep underground lab just sounds like telepath with kinda a hip-hoppy thing to it? s: yeah c: it's just "yeah whatever" [track 19] s: new life now has a bad synth. feels like multiple ideas put into one in hopes of making them sound good. c: the weird bassy ending of underground laboratory uhh, ewll. okaaay. s: i just feel like they could have turned down the growling bassy synth's volume, if not just removed it from some parts. c: it just sounds like a weird drum n bassish track that's about it. [track 20] s: this is so far good from me. some twinkling piano over a delayed beat. c: sounds goodish. s: it goes on for a bit too long (go figure). c: somewhere between ??? and well yea. almost well yea i guess. this album is way too fucking long for its own good. s: i know right? that's gotta be my biggest gripe with it. it's that if they had bothered to cut one or two tracks, and cut all of their lengths in half, it would have actually been a pretty cool album in my book. c: i fucking hate track 15 so much fuck that shit s: yeah probably the worst, fuck that shit right now. [track 21] s: Next Step is most definitely a chopped and screwed anime theme song. c: it just keeps restarting. well, it just started. it's. weird. s: it sounds like it's restarting, if only because it's like... the first part but stretched into a song. [track 22] s: Chance is... oh no. not as excruciating as track 15 but the panning's still fucking annoying. c: is it fuck this shit territory s: NO NO NO they did the cuts c: Delet. jesus. why the cuts? s: t h e y d i d t h e c u t s. s: they're not as bad but they still have more delay put on them when they happen so it sounds like horseshit. c: man i got to the cuts. FUCK THIS SHIT FUUUUUUUUUCK THIS SHIIIIIIIIII T. extremely fuck this shit. s: it fades out and fades back into what sounds essentially like the beginning of the song but still. c: chance is so damn annoying. [track 23] s: the first minute of human future is just a looping piano-ish synth chord. oh no oh no oh no it pans. c: oh boy more ass fuck panning. i am in hell. s: please end c: there hasn't been a single well yea in a while i'm disappointed. s: oh actually at about 420 the panning returns. c: goddamn it 420. track 15 is the bane of my existence. chance is a FUCK THIS SHIT i guess. [track 25] s: halfway through this one. i'm actually dead. what's the worst song on here? i'm voting this one. c: track 15 and track 25. REALITY_RESTORE_ERROR is also really . annoying. s: i guess track 25 is the second-worst cause at least it tries to be musical. REALITY_RESTORE_ERROR has no reason to exist. [track 26] s: i don't really like f l i g h t to be honest. c: that one is whatever? thinkin' bout it. s: it works in the video-game atmosphere context but not as a track alone. [track 27] c: this one has well yea potential. (later) fuck it it has t h e c u t s. t h e fuckign cutjsl s: the cuts c: the annoyingass cuts. s: people like vek and dds made it so the cuts went on for a moment, maybe ten to twenty seconds at the very most, but this boi! c: it's getting annoying with the cuts!!!!!!!!! reclassified as FUCK THIS SHIT. [track 28] c: the Piano Closer. has well yea potential. it's a well yea. (5 minutes in) IT HAS THE CUTS FUCK OFF s: the y mess up every fucking good. song withthe cuts c: The FUcking cuts.

it's over.

it's finally over.

s: the first album i heard in 2018. c: Fuck. that's 168 minutes of wasted time, aka 2.8 hours. s: i spent almost 3 hours of my life. c: mutual suffering. we did it.

LASTING IMPRESSION: dont listen to random vaporwave albums on bandcamp in the new releases tag