you continue walking into the blank hallway of canvases, though it seems like it's coming toward you. suddenly, without a moment's haste, the trees grew over you, shading the world, but instead of the expected spooky, twisted forest, there is only the trees that are around you. the rest of the world is still white, with only the spot you stand in's area being natural. sunlight (perhaps artificial light?) shines through the only spot in the low-hanging trees' canopy that isn't smothered with green. wind blows along the cool, crystalline pond upon which the sunshine-spot sparkles. the breeze is cold, but in a warmer way that feels like spring. it's impossible to walk back to the door and back away from what could be wrong, but tranquility takes over. in fact, the way that the trees are positioned means that they are blocking any sight of the outside.

after all, why would you even want to leave?

climb a tree ~~~~~~~~ talk to yourself